Crazy Gems

Do you like Bejeweled? You will love Crazy Gems then!  Swap or match 3 gems to get in-game points and experience. Level up, and gain boosters to make your score and results better! Crazy Gems is FREE to play, and very addictive!

Crazy Gems Features:

  • FREE to play!
  • Global highscores – compete with other player from whole world!
  • Colorful and stunning graphics.
  • You can Collect coins each level to purchase unique items and boosters.
  • Use the bomb to eliminate 9 jewels within bombs range.
  • Use question mark item to get a hint.
  • Use time boosters to add more seconds.
  • Crazy Gems is Easy to learn and hard to master.

You can play it HERE, and on portals of our partners – join the fun and become best of the best!